HSG 282 – Update

We are grateful to ISPE Fellow Howard Gosling for the following:

ISPE members should be made aware that an updated version of  the HSE guidance document HSG 282 The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-poolsystems” has been posted on the HSE website today.  This corrects one or two technical errors and makes some editorial amendments as follows:

  1. Paragraph 7: change legionellae to legionella [note that in HSE house style, the genus is all lower case and not italicised]
  2. Paragraph 46: type of treatment to control microbiological activity, e.g. chlorine method used to control pH; [semicolon after chlorine and insert bullet point for method used to control pH]
  3. Table 1: Insert ‘At least’ before ‘twice’ in first and fourth rows.
  4. Paragraph 126: an air temperature of 1 degree C above the water temperature.
  5. Paragraph 165: remove reference to dip slides.
  6. Glossary: Bromine … pH value [not level].

Items 3 and 5 are technically important and could affect advise given to clients.

You can quickly distinguish between this and the previous version by looking at the footer on page 62.