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Wet Leisure Survey 2018

Hopefully you should be familiar with the Wet Leisure Industry Survey but perhaps you haven’t yet taken part.

This year the ISPE, amongst others, have given our support to the Survey in order to spread awareness and to encourage as many businesses as possible to fill in the Survey questionnaire so that all of us, everybody who works in the industry, can have as detailed and accurate picture of the shape of our industry as possible.

The first Survey took place in 2011 and the results were published at SPATEX the following year. The original concept of an industry-wide survey came from Golden Coast and was simply this;

“Other industries and markets have facts, figures and statistics that are available to all and they help people make better decisions and grow better businesses. We should be the same.” Jamie Adams, MD of Golden Coast

Golden Coast undertook to conduct the survey and to arrange for the results to be analysed and presented back to the industry by an outside consultancy. Within the year, the Wet Leisure Industry Survey had received the full support of the BSPF.

This year we are pleased to announce that the Survey also has the support of Swimming Pool News, ISPE, Swimming Pool Scene and Hot Tub and Swim Spa Scene, SPATA, BISHTA and WhatSpa.

The Wet Leisure Industry Survey 2018 can be taken online by following this link or paper versions of the questionnaire are available from Golden Coast.

The Survey typically takes not much more than ten minutes to complete, no questions are compulsory but the more detailed the response are, the more accurate the Survey Report will be.

All responses, either online or postal, are anonymous.

Once the data has been collected and analysed, the Survey Report will be made freely available to the whole industry at SPATEX and also as a download from or