There are various categories of membership, enabling individuals of all ages and from all sectors of the industry, and associated periphery trades and professions, to join.

All applications are placed before the Council of Management on a regular basis, at which time each individual’s request for membership is considered.

Fellow:This category is in the gift of the Council of Management and is awarded to Members for services to the Industry and to the Institute in particular.
Member:For direct entry into this category applicants must be over the age of 30 and have had a minimum of seven years in a reasonably technical and responsible position within the swimming pool industry.
Associate Member:If applicants are under the age of 30 or have had less than seven years experience within the industry, they are awarded this category until such time that both the above requirements are met, at which time they may apply for upgrading to full member.
Associate:If applicants are under the age of 23 or have had less than three years experience within the industry, or are involved in a non-technical position, or are only occasionally involved on the periphery of the industry, they are awarded this category until their age, experience or employment qualifies them to apply for regrading to a higher category.
This category cannot be awarded to applicants applying for direct admission, as it is exclusively for Student Members who have passed examinations after taking the Institute’s Home Study Course.
Honorary Members & Fellows:This category may be awarded to Members and Fellows on their retirement from their business in the swimming pool industry, but who wish to remain in touch with the Institute and its activities. The Honorary Members and Fellows are often involved in the Institute’s programme of education, training and technical publications.

For more information about becoming a member, please fill in the Contact Form.

To apply to be a member, print the Membership Application Form, complete and then post or scan and email to and an invoice will be emailed to you so that an online payment can be made.