ISPE Welcomes Luke Griffiths as New General Manager

ISPE Welcomes Luke Griffiths as New General Manager

The Institute Council of Management ais pleased to announce that Luke Griffiths has joined the ISPE as the General Manager, and will in the coming months take over from ISPE General Secretary, Ross Alcock, as Ross steps down from his role after thirty five years.

Luke Griffiths began his professional journey at the age of 16 as a lifeguard at a local swimming baths, where he not only honed his swimming skills but also discovered a passion for facility management. Over the years, Luke progressed into managerial roles across a range of venues, from historic pools to modern leisure facilities, gaining comprehensive experience in operations management.

While working full-time, Luke pursued a degree in Leisure Management and Events Operations, graduating in 2010. His interest in commercial pool plant operations deepened significantly as he became involved in the decommissioning and commissioning of several facilities following the completion of his degree.

Luke’s commitment to professional development in pool plant beyond mandatory pool plant qualifications led him to attend SPATEX, where he participated in seminars by industry experts, including past ISPE President Allen Wilson; Luke recalls his engaging and informative presentations. In 2014, Luke gained pool plant tutor status with the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) after completing a course at SPATA HQ, subsequently leading internal training for pool plant operators within his organisation.

In 2016, Luke took on the role of Technical Manager for Pool Plant at the Swimming Teachers Association (STA), overseeing and developing pool plant qualifications, projects, conferences, online programmes and business development. His passion for the field and innovative ideas caught the attention of ISPE’s directors when the position of General Manager opened due to Ross Alcock’s retirement.

During his interview in Hatfield, Luke shared his vision for ISPE’s future, aligning closely with the directors’ aspirations. He is excited to implement new strategies and initiatives aimed at growing the membership and enhancing the value proposition for current members.

As he steps into his new role, Luke invites ISPE members to engage in upcoming seminars and events, including SPATEX next February, and as ISPE enters an exciting new chapter under his leadership Luke looks forward to being of service to ISPE members.

Contact Luke on the new ISPE email address at