Student Membership

The Institute’s Home Study Course has been designed to allow a large degree of flexibility in study methods. This allows all students to progress at their own speed without having to keep up with anyone else, thus catering for every individual’s particular situation.

People may register at any time and may take the examinations when they feel ready to do so and not within any given period of time. Examinations are held annually in March. Mock examination questions are made available to all students each December for students to attempt, or to retain as a study guide.

The Home Study Course consists of four sets of study notes covering Filtration, Chemicals, Construction and Heating. Each subject is divided into sections, and at the end of each section, there are questions relating to that particular section. Having studied each section, the student then attempts the questions, without referring to the study notes, and then checks back to ascertain whether their answers were correct.

Students then progress to the next section and repeat the exercise, gradually working their way through all four manuals.

For an ISPE information pack complete the information request form, email or telephone 01603 499959.

To complete a Student Application form, print the form, complete and then post or scan and email to and an invoice will be emailed to you so that online payment can be made.