The Institute at Work – Seminars, Workshops and ISPE-Endorsed Training

The Institute has presented over 100 One-Day Seminars on a huge range of topics.

These are held between October and March and ISPE members and students receive a discount on the attendance price.

Programmes are sent to all members about six weeks prior to each event.

In addition, the Institute presents intensive study “hands-on” Workshops on various subjects, most popular being the Filtration Workshop. Again, ISPE members and students receive discounts on the
attendance price. All ISPE Seminars and Workshops are open to members and non- members.

The Institute organises and presents the Technical Programme of Workshops and Demonstrations at the annual SPATEX Exhibition.

Technical Publications

The Institute has a range of Technical Publications, covering various topics (Principles of Circulation, Waterproofing and Crack Repairs, & Environmental Control to name just three). Details of all titles currently available may be found here.

ISPE-Endorsed Training

In recent years, recognizing the need for specialist training in the commercial sector, the ISPE has “endorsed” a small number of companies who provide training in this area. Aimed at swimming pool operators working in hotels, schools, leisure clubs, holiday parks and other commercial facilities. Please click to see details of the ISPE-Endorsed Pool Plant Operator Training Providers.